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Frequently Asked Questions

This space allows you to access the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Does the installation have to be approved?

No approval is required because the kit is removable which allows it to be removed in 15 minutes, however it has been designed in order to   be able to approve it VASP thanks in particular to the sealed gas box which equips already the kitchen but also at all the angles which are rounded and the edge strips.

Is the kit easy to assemble and do you need tools?

The furniture is delivered in kit form, all the boards are pre-drilled (boards, drawer, handle, bracket, hinge) and can be easily assembled for quick assembly, instructions help you step by step in assembly and all the hardware is delivered with.

Can I come and try the kit in my vehicle?

Yes we will be delighted to welcome you, moreover it is possible to collect the kit on site in order to save delivery

How much does the whole kit weigh?

All weights are mentioned in the articles but as an example a complete M kit weighs just under 100kgs

Is it cut to the shapes of the vehicle?

The furniture is cut to adapt to the shapes of the vehicle (wheel arch, floor, etc.).

Should vehicle  be isolated?

It depends on everyone's taste but it is not necessary, what is important is to stick a thin rot-proof insulation (armaflex,...) on the walls in order to avoid condensation and the feeling of cold. In addition, a felt can be attached to the visible uprights of the vehicle (nb:it is advisable to keep the uprights empty in order to allow natural air circulation and avoid any condensation)

What quick-to-install equipment can I put in to equip the kitchen?

We offer un impoundment kitadapted to our kitchens and made up of: a sink, a contactor tap, a 20L container, a 10L container and a 12v submersible pump with cigarette lighter connection.

It can be completed with a gas stove and a cooler which are simple and effective equipment.

How is the furniture made?

As a van fitter, we designed the furniture according to what we were most asked for, they are simple and functional.

The locally sourced poplar wood is machined in the Savoyard workshops and we offer two finishes: a raw finish that can be painted and a laminate finish for more durability (over 500 shades available).

I can't find furniture suitable for my layout?

The furniture can be resized according to the vehicle (a longer kitchen, an extra door, a wider cupboard...), do not hesitate to contact


+ than 500 LAMINATE available

livraison par GEODIS
Arbre planté

PEFC and FSC certified wood from FRANCE

EASY ASSEMBLY thanks to pre-drilled boards 

REMOVABLE KIT for all vehicles in 15 min


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